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Many men would like their penis to be a bit larger. It is associated not only with complexes on this point, but very often mainly with the desire to give pleasure to your woman. Fortunately, you can now buy many products on the market that are dietary supplements and will help most men achieve their dreams. Certainly, PeniSizeXL deserves attention, about which you can find many very positive and satisfied customer reviews who have already tried it.

A small penis can cause serious complexes for a man who is unable to fully satisfy his partner sexually. Many men avoid sex for fear of being ridiculed. That is why the natural dietary supplement PeniSizeXL was created for them  . How does it work and what are the fastest results in penis enlargement?

Penis size matters

size 7 cm

In practice, it turns out that size does matter. Although no woman tells her partner about it. Over 87% of women say that penis size affects their sexual satisfaction, as a result of G-spot stimulation. For this reason, many men fell into complexes and low self-esteem. However, recently an innovative dietary supplement has appeared on the market, which makes the penis enlarge and the erections become stronger. Thanks to this, sex is pleasant for both partners, because the man can express his masculinity and the woman feel completely satisfied.

Until recently, the only method of penis enlargement was surgery, which was associated with the risk of complications. That is why the supplement was created for men who do not want to use the help of a surgeon to enlarge their penis. The supplement is intended only for men who want to enlarge their penis and improve the quality of sex life. 


PeniSizeXL are natural penis enlargement pills that also strengthen the erection. The unique formula of optimally selected ingredients makes the product completely safe for health and highly bioavailable. As a result, it is more and more often chosen by men who are not fully satisfied with the size of their penis.

The most appreciated advantages of PeniSizeXL include:

  • Longer and thicker penis
  • Stronger erection
  • More intense orgasms


PeniSizeXL also increases the desire for sex and increases efficiency in bed. This is the case, inter alia, thanks to the Maca root and saw palmetto, which incredibly strongly increase libido . After taking the supplement, its ingredients are gradually released, thanks to which the penis remains erect for a long time, which translates into the length and quality of intercourse and the strength of orgasms.

PeniSizeXL composition

Through the ingredients that are contained in the preparation, the dietary supplement supports the flow of much more blood through the cells and cavernous bodies in the penis, which contributes to penis enlargement. As a result, it appears larger and thicker. A stronger erection also promotes the enlargement of the penis.

A carefully thought-out formula

PeniSizeXL consists mainly of specially selected, natural ingredients . Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain full effectiveness of the treatment and great effects.

penisizexl reviews
  • In the recipe of the product, you can find, among others , Tribulus Terrestris , which improves the release of nitric oxide into the cavernous bodies of the penis and increases the level of free testosterone in the blood. Thanks to that, it visibly increases the sexual abilities of men.
  • Ginseng works in a similar way , which also increases the level of libido and increases the desire for sex. In addition, it causes an inflow of blood to the penis and thus significantly increases its volume and size.
  • Muira Puama contained in the composition prevents too early ejaculation and helps to maintain a proper, strong erection.
  • Damian leaf , which improves sexual performance.
  • Borscht extract also supports male erection and sexual health. Thanks to that, the erection always appears when it is needed and is maintained at the correct, high level.
  • The composition of Penisizexl also includes maca root . Its main task is to strengthen sperm production as well as improve sperm motility.

For penis enlargement penisizexl

More and more men who value safety reach for PeniSizeXL tablets. The composition of the supplement is 100% natural, which makes it effective and safe for health.

PeniSizeXL is a supplement that contains an optimally designed formula consisting only of natural ingredients. This allows you to get the fastest effect in the form of a longer and thicker penis, and there are no side effects. For this reason, more and more men use it as a natural remedy for penis enlargement.

Dosage of PeniSizeXL tablets

PeniSizeXL should be dosed 2 times a day for 1 capsule . The first capsule should be taken approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. The second tablet should be taken about 30-40 minutes before intercourse. On sex-free days, the second capsule should be taken approximately 20 minutes before a meal.


PeniSizeXL effects

The main effects of PeniSizeXL are the improvement of erection as well as the obtaining of a much larger penis – both in terms of its elongation and thickening. All this means that every man after taking the pills will certainly be satisfied with the results. In addition, thanks to the use of the dietary supplement in question, the level of perceived stimuli also changes – thanks to which the man has better orgasms that last much longer. Greater satisfaction with sex guaranteed.

PeniSizeXL first results

PeniSizeXL is an increasingly popular solution for penis  enlargement . The effects  in the form of a strengthened erection and increased libido can be noticed after taking the first capsule. On the other hand, the effect of penis enlargement appears after 2-3 weeks , when taking the supplement regularly. Do not exceed the recommended dose. PeniSizeXL tablets for penis enlargement do not cause side effects because they contain 100% natural composition. The supplement has also undergone a series of tests and has certificates that confirm the safety of use. The package contains as many as 60 capsules, which are enough for 30 days of penis enlargement treatment.

PeniSizeXL tablets reviews

where to buy penisizexl
first effects

Positive opinions dominate among the opinions about the product. There are practically no negative effects, which proves how spectacular the product is and how much it can change in the lives of people who use it. People who supplement the supplement indicate many visible effects. First of all, they pay attention to the increase in the size of the penis (both in terms of its appearance and the pleasure of intercourse).

Ingredients: tribulus terrestris, ginseng, muira puama, maca root, Damian leaf, saw palmetto

In addition, it affects the quality of men’s relationships with their partners. They become more confident in themselves and their sexuality, which translates into a much better sexual life and satisfaction with it. All this means that this product is certainly number one on the market. First of all, extremely valuable customer reviews and their visible satisfaction deserve attention.

Penis enlargement pills

The length of the penis is very often related to sexual performance as well as the satisfaction of both partners with intercourse – as most men say, a way to get a bigger penis with PeniSizeXL capsules. Their sex life has improved significantly. And all this is due to the non-invasive product in the form of capsules, the composition of which is based primarily on natural ingredients and plant extracts. 

PeniSizeXL is a product recommended by Internet users and it was they who gave these tablets such a good recommendation. Not without significance, this agent is also on the 1st place in the ranking! Interestingly, not only guys are satisfied with the results … but mostly their partners!

PeniSizeXL action

Experts’ opinions are consistent as to the effectiveness of this supplement. The conducted research and tests confirm its effectiveness in penis enlargement. Men who used the supplement agree that their sexual performance has improved significantly. Thanks to which both they and their partners derive full satisfaction from sex. A longer penis stimulates a woman’s G-spot, which is one of the strongest erogenous zones and allows you to achieve vaginal orgasm – most desired by women.

Where to buy PeniSizeXL?

In many men, incomplete satisfaction of their partner in bed causes subconscious blockages. This, in turn, translates into problems with getting an erection, which makes sex unhappy. It is with such people in mind that the PeniSizeXL formula was created. Penis enlargement raises the level of sex life, which translates into satisfaction for both parties, and sex becomes a real delight. Sample opinion of one of the clients:

David 32

For as long as I can remember, I had complexes because of a small penis, which made my sex life almost non-existent. I was afraid of surgery and this type of procedure due to the high risk of complications. I spent hundreds of hours on the forums looking for a solution that would discreetly solve my problem. And this is how I found PeniSizeXL capsules. I must honestly admit that at the beginning I was quite skeptical about this supplement, because there are many advertisements of similar “golden” means for penis enlargement, but most of them are just fake. But I figured I’d give this supplement a try because of the good reviews it enjoyed. Today I believe it was one of the best choices in my life. My only regret is that I did not meet PeniSizeXL earlier, because it would save myself the complexes.David 32

The size you dream about?

Myth and facts

The question of erectile size sometimes becomes obsessed and can be a source of complexes. It has also happened various speculations. And the truth is, the world’s average penis size has been set at 13.8 cm. Someone may be surprised to ask: “only this?” Yes. This is normal size.

Our imaginations

What is penis size? This question has been asked of thousands of men and women all over the world. It’s obvious most people are quite realistic. Men estimate the average penis size at 14.1 cm and women at 13.8 cm. As for their idea of ​​the correct proportions of masculinity, it is 16.6 cm – that’s what men think, and 15.8 cm – that’s what women suggest. You can see that women are less demanding in terms of size than men. The women’s approach is more realistic.

Individual nations

The data closest to reality was given by the French. The English, on the other hand, showed an inherent modesty: the actual size was 12.4 cm and the ideal size was 14.2 cm. We, the Poles, showed our greatest fantasy. Correspondingly: 15.7 cm and 17.3 cm! And outside of Europe? Of course the Americans. They reported the ideal erect penis length of at least 17 cm. Well – it’s the United States. There, everything that has value must be in the XXL dimension.

For whom is the size important?

This very informative study allows us to note that the proportions of male characteristics, contrary to what is often said, account for 67.4% of women who say it is “relatively important”. Only 11.2% of the respondents consider it “very important”. On the other hand, 21.4% say that they do not pay attention to it

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PeniSize XL is a great product that has enjoyed the reliable attention of men who want great results for many years. A small penis and erectile dysfunction can seriously disrupt male sex life. Fortunately, they have a choice! PenisiZe XL is a dietary supplement that improves sexual performance.

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